“Patrice jumped onto an incredibly tight deadline (less than one week turnaround) for a documentary short that I was producing. With just one conversation she was able to integrate into our team seamlessly, despite the fact that our team was flung across several cities. Because of her flexibility, clear communication (on phone, e-mail, chat — whatever was required), and ability to deliver color correction on time, our story went from rough around the edges to polished and evocative in its look and feel. It was easy and satisfying to work with Patrice on a story that truly mattered!”

James Boo, Producer of “Refuge of Hope,” JustFilms Fellow 2017.


“Patrice did phenomenal work editing BY THE TIDE. She understands storytelling and found creative solutions for any problematic footage. She was also completely professional and responsive throughout the process, meeting deadlines, discussing notes, and generating ideas. She is a very talented editor and it was a pleasure to work with her!”

– Estefanía Fadul, Stage and Film Director


“Patrice Bowman is a master editor and colorist. When working with her remotely [on BY THE TIDE] she was able to capture our vision which was, to our excitement, only amplified when working with her in person. Her work ethic made all the hours of communication worth the effort but most of all, what a joy to realize your creation with a master.” 

Nike Kadri, Filmmaker and Playwright